Friday, March 13, 2009

Gaulzetti Cicli
the racing bicycle reborn


The design elements of each Gaulzetti are based upon traditional Italian racing geometry with regard to fit and function, but updated for the rigors of modern racing conditions as well as for the ergonomic demands of contemporary components. Gaulzetti Cicli produces a nimble, fast and balanced bicycle. The frames are designed to excel under all potential race conditions, especially technical courses where constant hard cornering and rapid changes in tempo are encountered. Years of experience on the Belgian Kermesse circuit and a history of training and racing on the poor roads of northern Europe and New England influence each detail. The Gaulzetti Cicli geometry may not be ideal for every cyclist, but an athlete seeking a pure race bike need look no further for the ideal bicycle. Sizes highlighted in bold script offer a lower and longer geometric option for clients requiring additional reach or drop.

size tt length st angle ht length

48cm 52cm 75'25 84mm

49cm 52,2cm 75'20 91mm

50cm 52,5cm 75'15 102mm

51cm 54cm 74'15 110mm

52cm 53,5cm 74'30 117mm

53cm 56cm 73'10 126mm

54cm 54,5cm 74' 134mm

55cm 58cm 72'45 145mm

56cm 56cm 73'10 153mm

57cm 59cm 72'30 161mm

58cm 57,5cm 73' 172mm

59cm 60cm 72' 182mm

60cm 58,5cm 72'30 192mm

62cm 59,5cm 72'15 202mm


Tubing has been specified to provide exceptional torsional rigidity particularly along the top tube. Our proprietary 7003 aluminum tubeset was designed by Gaulzetti Cicli and is produced to our specifications by Dedacciai in Cremona, Italy. Each tube is hand selected to provide the proper performance characteristics for the client athlete.

Frame Features

An integrated seat mast is employed to allow a more direct connection between the rider and the bicycle especially during hard seated cornering where a rider puts extra force into the seat tube and seat post assembly. An oversized BB30 bottom bracket is specified and offers more area to TIG weld, thus rendering the bottom bracket area more rigid. It also allows for a wider selection of crank options, a potentially narrower “Q” factor and the use of larger roller bearings with reduced friction when compared to a traditional bottom bracket. Gaulzetti Cicli eschews the use of integrated headsets to allow for easier maintenance and greater variety of headset options.


Gaulzetti frames are complemented with a unique fork which employs high-modulus carbon for the construction of the legs and crown. Due to the mechanical nature of the interface between the steerer tube, the stem and the headset on a modern racing bicycle; Gaulzetti Cicli employs a lightweight chromoly steerer tube on the fork. This construction technique allows the fork to exceed all European Safety Standards, exhibit exceptional rigidity and allows for the use of a standard star-fangled nut for headset adjustment.


Each frame is hand built in the United States. The method of construction employed is TIG welding. Frames are back purged with Argon to prevent oxidation, swelling and any scaling of the tubes. Following construction, each frame is heat treated before being sent to paint.


All Gaulzetti framesets are hand painted in Watsonville, California by award winning artist Joe Vasquez. Mr. Vasquez mixes custom colors and creates decals and masks for each individual frameset. Several custom liveries are available, including:

Pearl White with Dark Blue decals

Team Embrocation Blue and Green

Gunmetal Grey with Beige decals

Brown with Pink Decals.

Here are some photographs of some finished frames as they await paint. These four examples are team bikes for the Embrocation Cycling Team and are currently being painted in the team livery. Please visit to keep up to date on the team as their season progresses.

Gaulzetti Cicli Raw

Sunday, February 8, 2009


News from Gaulzetti Cicli

Gaulzetti Cicli is pleased to announce that the Embrocation Cycling Journal Elite Road Team will be racing our bicycles for the 2009 season. This Boston, Massachusetts based squad will compete primarily in New England area road races and features a small but strong roster of area cyclists. Gaulzetti Cicli supports the sport of competitive cycling at all levels and seeks to provide the best equipment in the world to our athletes and clients alike.

The Embrocation Cycling Journal Elite Road Team's bicycles are in production currently and will be featured in a professional photo shoot later in the month. The framesets feature a striking and complex green and blue design incorporating all the sponsors logos. Please check back for the official unveiling of our Team Embrocation bicycles.